Who are you and why is life unfolding as it is?

'Karma Art' is a practical and creative way of learning from your destiny.

The forces generated by untying the karmic knots will energize your projects and your new creations.

The aim is to learn to take life as a piece of art, building on it as a basic stone to contribute to a new 'world wide artwork'.


The art of working on your destiny

We see life as an art piece where destiny or karma is seen as the best oportunity to find the next step. Imagine a painting that is developed till a certain extend. How will you go on? What is the best you could do at this moment? And maybe one layer consists only of one life.

The art of karma research has 3 legs to stand on:

Four stages are identified.



Co-creation network

The karmaArt network is a group of people that are active in doing and developing the practical karma work. The will to do, to develop and to professionalise stands central here. We do this by providing a meeting ground for practitioners of the karma work through conferences, meetings, websites,  …This can make it easier for participants:

KarmaArt.net can be considered as a warmth network where people meet to create free inner space where new Initiatives can be born.


Trainings and Research

Introduction Courses and trainings are given all over Europe and also in Canada, ....