Art for Karma Coaching - Further Training

We offer an artistic further training for coaches and trainers who guide others with their life questions, their aims and their karmic situation. We assume that a human being does not start with an entirely blank sheet in the beginning of life but continues working, during many lives, on the art painting that is ‘himself’.

Art is a perfect instrument to deepen this kind of work in a very efficient way. An image sometimes replaces a thousand words. The non-verbal communication often goes straight into the feelings and into the unconscious will. That’s what we want to use it for.

And art work will fill us with joy.

To learn this you do not need to be a trained artist. We reduce the artistic media to its basic principles so that it is accessible to everybody and easy to use.


Learning to to use visual art techniques to deepen the guidance of other people. To go there where verbal communication cannot go. This can be applied to karma work, biographical work, therapy and helping conversation.



We will mainly work with visual arts that will be practiced to:

·         visualise inner processes

·         express resistances

·         work on transformation

·         express what  we really want.

We will also be working with movement, speech, drama, masks…

personal processes will provide the material we work with. In this way it will be an inner schooling that leads towards the development of practical skills.


·         drawing and painting: with pastels, pencils, charcoal, water colours…

·         3-dimensional work: with clay, objects, installations…

·         performance with the body and with objects…

·         sound …

For Whom?

This is a further training for people that did the ‘Karma Praxis’ training or work with therapeutic, biographic and karmic questions. But it can be open to others that want to learn to know the practical karma work.

Contents of the training

The training consists of 4 times 4 days with the following content:

·         Making contact with karmic themes via observation. Learning to know and to handle different materials and techniques.

·         Methods and techniques to work with ‘doubles’ or ‘shadows’. Work with elemental forces.

·         Finding ‘karmic causes’. The work with the astral.

·         Transform old karma into new perspectives. Awaken ‘I’-forces. 

Two main qualities will be practised during the whole training:

·         learning to read art-works

·         learning to dive into artistic processes. 

Place / Dates / Costs

Dates: are to be found with the group of interested people (proposed dates: 23. – 26. November 2015, 11. – 14. January 2016, 29. February – 3. March, 18. – 21. April 2016)

Costs: between 1600 and 2000 €, what is possible (if some people give more, we can give reduction to others)

Place: Engen, South Germany. (The training can also take place in your region if there are enough participants)

Language: German / English

Facilitators: Jaak Hillen, May Oostvogels

Contact: Jaak Hillen, jaak(at)